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Jacqui Footman

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EFT Tapping Combined Level 1 & 2 Course
VIP package of comprehensive EFT learning for Personal Development

Why choose this option?

EFT Course students

This option is for you if

Why EFT International-Accredited?

There are numerous EFT training resources and organisations around, online and otherwise.  EFT International is the only EFT organisation with a public service purpose and hence recognised by and registered with the UK Charity Commission, Registered Charity Number 1176538.

Jacqui is a long-standing EFTi volunteer, involved in informal preliminary work from 2005, Treasurer 2009-14, Chair of Executive Board 2014 - present with comprehensive knowledge of history of and developments in EFT over this period (2005 - present).

What can you expect from training with Jacqui?

Above all, in order to learn anything you need to feel comfortable and supported - any fear or anxiety will stimulate a sympathetic nervous system response (fight/flight), which impairs the function of the frontal lobes, the cognitive part of the brain where clear thinking and learning take place. So number one priority for me as your trainer is to ensure a supportive learning environment where you can ensure you get to grips with any feelings that might have been getting in your way and you feel relaxed with your brain online for learning. Throughout the course I aim to include humour, lightness, honest non-judgemental acceptance, safety and fun. I specialise in training only with small groups that enable everyone to feel safe participating. The emphasis within this particular programme is to invest in yourself and make the time to change anything you're unhappy with in your own life, allowing yourself to be gentle and kind to yourself, exploring how to access ease and abundance - at the same time as gaining a professional qualification.  Of course to be a first class EFT Practitioner it is essential to do any work on yourself first and you will be sure to leave with the ability to do just that.

Beyond this one, over-arching principle of gentleness you can also expect:

Progression to EFTi Certified Accredited EFT Practitioner

Having completed the 8 x 3 hours of live online Level 1 & 2 combined workshops, you are eligible to start EFT Practitioner Certification Mentoring, which provides for continued support on your EFT journey and leads to the award of EFT International Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner.  The programme requires

in order to support your completion of the EFT International Practitioner certification requirements:


Online - join from anywhere

Online only now; I will not be going back to in-person training. Read why below.

The in-person programme used to take place in South Molton, North Devon, "Gateway to Exmoor", at my premises as a 4-day intensive course.  However the pandemic led to EFT International agreeing guidelines for online training and EFTi Trainers began to try out this medium. We were delighted to find that it not only worked, but worked BETTER than in-person training.  We can still interact fully, including in small practice groups by using breakout rooms in Zoom. Trainees can still bond and develop supportive relationships, PLUS there are no travel and accommodation costs; all you need is a private space and a laptop and you can join from the comfort of your own home. This also means there is no need to concentrate everything into 4 days. Using the 3 hours per week 8-week format, trainees have plenty of time to reinforce their learning inbetween sessions and hence end up finishing the course much more confident and much more likely to complete the post course certification and accreditation process and to become EFTi Practitioners. We also get a lovely mix of trainees from right across the world. I love that the pandemic cloud had this silver lining and I'm now able to run many more training courses than before and enjoy my teaching so much in such a relaxed way.  I welcome you too to experience this.

Programme cost

This comprehensive, individualised personal and professional development package, including the workshops and two additional individual sessions (but not practitioner certification assessment, feedback and mentoring) is being offered at the all-inclusive price of £597.
£90 transferable (but non-refundable) deposit is required to book your place on this programme.

Practitioner Certification Programme Cost

You pay for individual elements of the programme separately as you work through. The exam fee of £15 is paid to EFT International directly. Mentoring is available at my advertised rates; for details please see here.

Special Offers: 

Next Course Dates

Note: If you have a problem with any of the booking links, just email your enquiry to eftdevon (at) gmail.com

Saturday mornings 10am - 1.30pm for 8 weeks
3 September - 22 October 2022


Click here to reserve your place

Click here to book a call with Jacqui to discuss your training needs

please book early to avoid disappointment - the maximum group size is 6 (or sometimes 8, if 2 repeater places are taken up)

Saturday afternoons 3 - 6.30 pm for 8 weeks
12 November - 10 December and 14 - 28 January

For North American Participants the UK evening courses will take place mornings:
Eastern time:  subtract 5 hours
Pacific time:  subtract 8 hours

If these dates don't suit, you would like a course on a specific date, and if you are part of a small group of friends or work colleagues, please do get in touch about a bespoke course just for you.  Contact Jacqui (eftdevon(at)gmail.com) or phone 01769 572207 for further information or discussion or to reserve your place.

Comments from Participants in the Online EFT Level 1&2 29 Mar - 24 May 2021

"An excellent course due to a brilliant trainer in Jacqui. She is obviously very skilled,experienced and an encouraging teacher. Thank you." Carole

"I enjoyed the on-line training, as I live in Greece there is very little in the way of support or training on EFT. So this course gave me the opportunity to complete level 1 and 2 at an affordable price with a trainer who explained everything very well and who is very knowledgeable and supportive." Vicky (Greece)

Comments from Participants in the Online EFT Level 1&2 31 Jan - 21 Mar 2021

"Thank you, Jacqui, for an exceptional course. Your passion about, and knowledge of, EFT were evident from the start and I loved exploring tapping under your expert guidance. I’d been using EFT with my yoga students for a while and your course revealed a much deeper understanding of the nuances and the potential of these extraordinary techniques."  Julie Murphy

"I really enjoyed this course and felt supported and encouraged throughout. I felt confident to start my practice sessions before we finished and I feel completely equipped to progress to practitioner certification."

"The course material was excellent. I would recommend this course and personally recommend Jacqui as a first rate trainer."

"Jacqui Footman delivered an excellent course. I felt very much included and supported."

"A good balance of practical and theory - a friendly, approachable, obviously very experienced and knowledgable trainer. I would definitely recommend this course to others."


What previous trainees have said

"Amazing 4 days and amazing cake :)"

"Really enjoyed the course.  Jacqui is very good at explaining EFT and very approachable re questions etc. Thank you."

"I particularly enjoyed the warm atmosphere and friendliness of Jacqui and EFT as a whole."

“Such a great tool for therapists of for just anyone who want to use EFT on themselves”

“I can see enormous potential for tapping to help patients with anxiety and wanting to make lifestyle changes” (GP)

“Excellent examples of how to work with people.  Thank you”

It opened doors to a better me and for those I am to help”

“A great tool for anyone wanting to open up possibilities for a change in their life to reach their full potential.”

“There have been many ‘lightbulb’ moments throughout the weekend, I feel so much has been released that I now feel lighter, calmer, excited about moving forward with EFT.”

“It was very enriching.  I learned so much it is an amazing tool, brilliant for every practitioner/therapist.”

“A lovely course.  Very enjoyable and I feel I have gained a great deal from it.”

“Keep doing what you’re doing!”

“It was well delivered and very good value for money.”

"It was great.  Loved doing the practical stuff.  Thanks for the support."

"Wonderful atmosphere of support and constructive advice."

"Perfect mixture of practice/theory/explanation/support superb – loved it."

"This weekend has been absolutely amazing!  I’ve learned so much!  Thank you."

"A very safe learning journey which has left me feeling a huge sense of enthusiasm and excitement at working towards Level 3.  Thank you very much."

Important Reminder: EFT should not be used in place of conventional medical care. Always consult your GP for medical attention and advice. Clients have found EFT useful as a complement to any conventional medical treatment. The information provided on this website is educational in nature, provided as general information and not intended to treat any medical condition.

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