EFT started out as a self-help tool

When EFT was first created in the 1990s, it spread largely by word of mouth and email news, by people learning it by following instructions from a free e-book, trying it out on themselves, maybe finding out more by attending a workshop, sharing with friends, sending their success stories to Gary Craig, who published these on his Emofree.com website and in his twice-weekly email newsletter.

Some of these people were also MDs, psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors or LCSWs and thus it also started to spread amongst health professionals, who, in turn, felt the need to publish research and now there are hundreds of peer-reviewed published papers on EFT.

So you, too, can learn EFT, to benefit yourself and share it with your friends and family. There is so much you can do to help yourself. It is an invaluable life skill. Whatever challenges you encounter as you make your way through life’s rich tapestry of experience, there will be a way to apply EFT to the related feelings, and lighten the load. And, although you get better results from working with an experienced practitioner, even complete newbies can often get significant success on their own by just carefully following the instructions (but please don’t try this with heavy stuff, long-standing trauma, etc).

What is the best way to learn EFT?

Without doubt the answer to this question is in person live, from an expert – and at EFT Devon you are in the right place to be able to do just that.

There are a number of options with differing levels of in-person expert involvement, to suit your budget, from:


As well as a growing selection of online courses and tapping groups.

I believe the in-person expert tuition is so important that there is always some element of opportunity to meet me and ask questions live, even in the online courses, where this is provided through a regular live “office hours” session.

However, if you want to learn the most you can, to ensure you are keeping yourself or friends/family safe as you work and ensure best possible results, it is best to learn ALL the basics as you do in the 8-session in-depth EFT Levels 1&2 course. This is one of the reasons why I no longer deliver a separate Level 1 course. If you just want to get started, then there is the Introductory Workshop. However, if you are going to make more of an investment than that, then it is best to do a “proper job” (as they say in Devon!)

Working 1:1 with a practitioner

This is for you if you have one or more specific issues you would like to work on (with a therapist) and you would also like to learn what EFT can do to help yourself in between sessions, as well as equipping yourself forever with an emotional first-aid tool at your fingertips. You may also choose to combine 1:1 therapy with an Introductory Workshop. Find out more about working 1:1 with one of our practitioners here:

The 8-session in-depth course

You could either do this training alone or combine it with 1:1 therapy/coaching sessions so you get the support of an expert for your own personal progress combined with comprehensive knowledge of exactly the best way to do EFT for yourself. Find out more about this course here.

Make the most of both; get best value from the combination; learn to do as much on yourself as you can, and just book sessions with the practitioner if you get stuck on your own. You may also find that you befriend tapping buddies on the course to swap sessions with.

Tapping groups and Online Courses

The following tapping groups and online course are currently available. Please keep checking here as more online self-help courses come online.

Introductory Workshop

If you are not sure about making the commitment in time and money to the in-depth course, try the introductory workshop first here.

This is great value. Once you have signed up to this course package, which contains a live workshop every month, you can attend as many times as you like to reinforce your learning and participate in different demonstrations.

If you decide you’d like to upgrade to the in-depth 8-session course, your £25 paid for the introductory workshop will be carried across and discounted from the cost of that course. So you have nothing to lose by trying this first.

Free Friday Tapping Group for stress

Anyone is welcome to join the Free Fridays tapping group course here.

Once you have signed up to the course you have access to book a spot for as many as you want of the live tapping taster/tapping groups that take place approximately every other Friday afternoon – to tap away stress ready for the weekend. We also often tap for other topics anyone present puts forward. Sometimes we tap as a group; usually there are “borrowed benefits”.

This group was first set up in 2020 during the pandemic to help with stress and has been so useful and appreciated that it has continued. Rest assured that you will be made most welcome and feel better for joining in tapping, even if you are anxious and it takes every ounce of your courage to show up. This is where you might get your first taste of tapping or, equally, come together with fellow tappers for 45 minutes of shared relief, depending on who shows up. It is free to just drop in, some people come once, some people keep coming back – completely up to you 😊

“Power of 8” Tapping Group for ME/CFS/Long Covid

  • 5 x 90-minute sessions
  • weekly, Thursdays 3:30 PM (UK Time)
  • starting 19 October 2023 (important note: minimum number of subscriptions for group to run is 7)
  • to get the most from the course of five group tapping sessions, ideally first attend an introductory workshop.

How can EFT tapping help ME/CFS/Long Covid?

  • you can tap to improve physical symptoms
  • you can tap for self compassion and understanding
  • you can tap for anxiety, fear or frustration
  • you can tap for cravings for foods that don’t help you heal
  • you can tap for past trauma still held in the body that has become a burden
  • you can tap for trauma from diagnosis or medical appointment(s)
  • you can tap to become more at ease with your body, first accepting then gradually growing out of limitations