Accredited Practitioner Training & Certification

Jacqui Footman, EFT International accredited Master Trainer of Trainers, provides comprehensive training to either EFT International Accredited Certified Practitioner level or Advanced Practitioner level, as well as mentoring, and training for those wishing to train to Master Trainer Level within an apprentice-type arrangement to EFT International criteria.

Here you will find information about courses and mentoring to become fully proficient when applying EFT techniques to yourself and family/friends informally, as well as how to reach initial qualification as an EFT-International-accredited, certified EFT Practitioner.

Information about Advanced Practitioner courses can be found here:
Advanced (Level 3) Practitioner

If you just want a brief introduction

If you just want a brief introduction to EFT, try my 2-hour introductory workshop.

If you try the Introductory Workshop first and then decide to continue to the Combined Levels 1&2 course, since there is some repeat of content, the entire introductory workshop fee you paid can be transferred to pay a part of the course fee for the Combined EFT Levels 1&2 course.

EFT Level 1&2 Combined

Your VIP Package of Comprehensive EFT Learning for Personal Transformation

This option is for you if:

  • you want to treat yourself as a VIP; take some time to invest in yourself, develop skills that will serve you well lifelong, enable you to transform your life and potentially also provide you with an additional income or new career option.
  • you want to combine emotional personal development and transformation with leisurely, enjoyable learning to a high professional standard
  • you have any personal challenges that you would like to learn to use EFT Tapping to overcome
  • you appreciate that everything about these 8 x 3 hours online is designed to be easy, supported, gentle and nurturing, providing a fabulous space for personal growth, learning and confidence-building.
  • you would like also to have EFT International Accredited EFT Level 1 and 2 certificates of attendance, covering all the basic EFT learning that prepares you to enter the EFT International Practitioner Certification programme, meaning you have the option to continue to become EFTi Accredited Certified Practitioner and later also to continue to Advanced Practitioner training
  • you also would like to benefit from numerous helpful tips and techniques, including some Eden Energy Medicine practices that will support you in keeping your body and its energy systems at optimal function, improving overall energy and vitality levels

Why combined Levels 1&2?

Some trainers offer separate courses for EFT Level 1 and for EFT Level 2, with Level 1 as their introductory course. We don’t do this at EFT Devon, although we used to up until around 2016. We now offer a much briefer 2hr introductory workshop. If you are in the slightest bit serious about studying and doing EFT, whether for personal use or to become a practitioner, it would be false economy to do only Level 1 – join the combined Levels 1&2 course to learn all the basics you need to get going – “proper job”, as you would hear said in Devon.

We value the cohesion that grows within a group as individuals support each other right through the 8-session program. Four sessions (12 hours) is not enough for these learning relationships to grow, nor to achieve the requisite levels of knowledge, skill and practice that build your confidence in your ability to use EFT.

You need confidence to persist in applying EFT to yourself and/or others, combined with knowledge that permits you to reflect on your continued learning experiences as you start using it and thus continue to improve your technique in terms of both safety and the results you obtain. We consider the 8-session combined L1&2 (total 24hours) content the absolute minimum necessary.

What can you expect from Training with Jacqui?

Above all, in order to learn anything, you need to feel comfortable and supported – any fear or anxiety will stimulate a sympathetic nervous system response (fight/flight), which impairs the function of the frontal lobes, the cognitive part of the brain where clear thinking and learning take place. So, number one priority for me as your trainer is to ensure a supportive learning environment where you can ensure you get to grips with any feelings that might have been getting in your way and you feel relaxed with your brain online for learning.

Throughout the course I aim to include humour, lightness, honest non-judgemental acceptance, safety and fun. I specialise in training only with small groups that enable everyone to feel safe participating. The emphasis within this particular programme is to invest in yourself and make the time to change anything you’re unhappy with in your own life, allowing yourself to be gentle and kind to yourself, exploring how to access ease and abundance – at the same time as potentially gaining a professional qualification. 

Of course, to be a first class EFT Practitioner it is essential to do any work on yourself first and you will be sure to leave with the ability to do just that, whether for personal transformation only or whether with a view to continuing to become an EFTi Accredited Practitioner.

Beyond this one, over-arching principle of gentleness you can also expect:

  • You will be learning in a relaxed atmosphere within a small group of no more than 7 other people with plenty of opportunity for discussion, advice, guidance, demos and supported practicals. Time and space to ask questions whenever you need to.
  • Practical, active, laid-back, fun learning with personalised tuition, backed up with comprehensive handouts, course notes and theoretical explanation.
  • Comprehensive coverage of the basics of EFT as defined in the EFT International-approved Levels 1 and 2 syllabi.
  • You will be carefully supported throughout your EFT learning journey by a highly trained and experienced EFT specialist and lifelong educator, well known for her particularly caring, gentle and supportive approach.
  • Fully interactive live workshop experience 8 x 3 hours online.
  • Programme fee includes one personal 1:1 EFT session with Jacqui via Zoom and one free group mentoring experience (worth £110).  It is so important for you to get a feel for how a session feels as a client, so you can use this
    • as a personal EFT session,
    • or if just want to discuss where you are going with EFT and what the possibilities are,
    • or you can use this for a 1:1 mentoring hour during your post-workshop certification and accreditation period.
    • These sessions must be used within 6 months of the start of your course or will be forfeited.
  • EFT Level 1 and 2 Certificates of Course Attendance are recognised by EFT International and any EFTi Master Trainer in respect of continuing EFT training.
  • Access to ongoing personal telephone or email support/mentoring as you continue your EFT journey.
  • Discounted rate available as long as you remain an EFT Devon Trainee or Mentee for 1:1 personal EFT sessions with Jacqui. (same rate as for 1:1 mentoring sessions – see details on Mentoring Page)
  • At least 33% and possibly up to 50% of the course time will be practical live demonstration and practice, including opportunities to develop your ability to apply EFT to your own issues, experience the effects of EFT, do your own Personal Peace Procedure as well as paired practice, to familiarise you with swapping sessions with other trainees, finding a tapping buddy, leading on to development of practitioner skills.

Learn online

Join from anywhere in the world!
Timings are adjusted and varied to suit different time zones.

This training pre-pandemic was available only in person and used to take place in South Molton, North Devon, “Gateway to Exmoor”, at my office as a 4-day intensive course.  However the pandemic led to EFT International agreeing guidelines for online training and EFTi Trainers began to try out this medium.

We were delighted to find that it not only worked, but worked BETTER than in-person training.  We can still interact fully, including in small practice groups by using breakout rooms in Zoom. Trainees can still bond and develop supportive relationships, PLUS there are no travel and accommodation costs; all you need is a private space and a laptop and you can join from the comfort of your own home.

This also means there is no need to concentrate everything into 4 days. Using the 3 hours per week 8-week format, or even 3 hours twice per week for 4 weeks, trainees have plenty of time to reinforce their learning in between sessions and hence end up finishing the course much more confident, much more knowledgeable and skillful, and much more likely to complete the post course certification and accreditation process and to become EFTi-accredited Practitioners.

We also get a lovely mix of trainees from right across the world. I love that the pandemic cloud had this silver lining and I’m now able to run many more training courses than before and enjoy my teaching so much in such a relaxed way.  I welcome you too to experience this.


This comprehensive, individualised personal and professional development package, including the workshops, one additional individual session and one group mentoring session (but not practitioner certification assessment, feedback and mentoring) is being offered at the all-inclusive price of £597.
Deposit£97 transferable (but non-refundable) deposit is required to book your place on this programme.

Special offers

  • Early Bird £567 (closes 31 July for September/October 2024 course). 
  • Bring a friend! Price £577 each when you book together with someone else (£557 joint Early Birds).
  • Repeat and Refresh: If you have previously completed Level 1 and 2 workshops with any other EFTi (previously AAMET) Trainer you can take up one of the two repeater places available for £299 (does not include the individual EFT session) and those who have previously completed a Level 1 and 2 course with me can repeat for £200 and benefit from the extensive practical content and paired practice . This option would enable you to get restarted with the Practitioner Certification requirements if you did not complete them first time round. (Subject to space available)

Practitioner Certification

You pay for individual elements of the programme separately as you work through. The exam fee of £15 and student level membership fee of £25 is paid to EFT International directly. Mentoring is available at my advertised rates; for details please see here.


September / October 2024 Course:
September 21, 22, 28, 29 October 5, 6, 19, 20
Saturday and Sunday afternoons
3 – 6.30 pm

Please book early to avoid disappointment – the maximum group size is 8 (or sometimes 10-12, if repeater places are taken up)
The April/May 2024 course was fully booked

For North American Participants the UK afternoon courses will take place in the morning/early afternoon:
Eastern time:  10 am – 1.30 pm
Pacific time:  7.00 – 10.30 am

Book a call
with Jacqui to discuss your training needs

If these dates don’t suit, you would like a course on a specific date, and if you are part of a small group of friends or work colleagues, please do get in touch about a bespoke course just for you.  Contact Jacqui for further information or discussion or to reserve your place.

Progression to EFT International Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner

Having completed the 8 x 3 hours of live online Level 1 & 2 combined course sessions/workshops, you are eligible to start EFT Practitioner Certification Mentoring, which provides for continued support on your EFT journey and leads to the award of EFT International Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner.  The programme requires:

  • attendance for a minimum of three1 one-hour online group mentoring meetings (£17.50)
  • attendance for a minimum of three 1:1 mentoring hours (£70 per hour)
  • assessment of case study work, with feedback (completed during 1:1 mentoring time)
  • ongoing guidance setting up and building your EFT-based Practice (during mentoring time)

In order to support your completion of the EFT International (EFTi) Practitioner certification requirements:

  • a minimum2 of 4 case studies, one of which a session recording, one of which self-work
  • a log of 50 practice sessions with a minimum of 20 different clients
  • minimum3 of 6 hours mentoring, of which at least 3 hours 1:1
  • completion of EFTi online practitioner (Level 2) exam  (£15 from, for which student level membership of EFTi (£25) is prerequisite

Why EFT International-Accredited?

There are numerous EFT training resources and organisations around, online and otherwise.  EFT International is the only EFT organisation with a public service purpose and hence recognised by and registered with the UK Charity Commission.

EFT International is committed to advancing and upholding the highest standards for education, training, professional development and promotion of the skilful, creative and ethical application of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques or “Tapping”) worldwide with a principle purpose to protect the public.

  • EFT International Training is focussed on Classical EFT, as first developed and used by Gary Craig, EFT Originator, in 1990s, also incorporating Gary Craig’s more recent amendment (Gold Standard EFT). The research version of this (standardised for EFT research purposes) is Clinical EFT.
  • EFT International insists on live interactive training where a minimum of 33% of the required live session time is spent on practical work, including spontaneous demonstrations, group tapping, and multiple supervised paired practice opportunities, including multiple supervised paired practice opportunities. EFTi also insists on continued professional development and regular mentoring for existing accredited practitioners wishing to stay on EFTi’s register of accredited certified practitioners, also examination and supervised full length practice sessions and case study work prior to accreditation.  Members of the public can feel secure in this knowledge when choosing an EFTi-accredited EFT Practitioner
  • EFT International’s Training Committee draws on a very wide range of experience from numerous experts in the field of EFT, including specialist authors and Gary Craig’s EFT Founding Masters, to create a top class syllabus and competence criteria used by all EFTi Master Trainers.

Jacqui Footman is an EFTi-approved Master Trainer of Trainers, Advanced Practitioner and for many years an EFTi volunteer, involved in informal preliminary work for AAMET (EFTi’s predecessor organisation) from 2005, Treasurer 2009-14, Chair of Executive Board 2014 – 2022, with comprehensive knowledge of history of and developments in EFT over this period (2005 – present).

  1. If more than three sessions of 1:1 mentoring are attended, trainees may attend fewer than three mentoring groups, as long as a minimum of 6 hours are spent in mentoring ↩︎
  2. If an EFTi Trainer considers necessary, they can request completion of additional case studies ↩︎
  3. If an EFTi Trainer considers necessary, they can request completion of additional mentoring hours ↩︎