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There will be a way to use EFT Tapping to transform almost anything about yourself that is bothering you – behaviours, habits, performance, ability to achieve or focus for a sport or at work or study. With EFT at your fingertips, the sky is your limit … ‘to infinity and beyond’, to quote a certain toy character 😉

Limitations, limiting beliefs, fears, self sabotage – whichever it is, you have the capacity with help from EFT tapping to find your way through the challenge. EFT with a practitioner from our EFT Devon Team will give you the insight into the emotional roots of any challenges you may be encountering with behaviour change and achievement. Tapping to clear the triggers, symptoms, blocks that those emotional roots have created (bringing about emotional freedom) will enable you to transform limitations into opportunities.

If you would like one on one coaching with an EFT Practitioner
– to change a habit or limiting belief,
– to become your best you,
– to reach high levels of achievement or performance or
– to switch out of self-sabotage, even if it has been like this for a long time, or even feels like it is unfortunately just the way you function, this page will give you the answers you need.

Getting started with EFT Coaching

Please call one of us to talk about it, as we’re always happy to answer any questions without obligation.  You may be wondering what would suit you best – one-on-one coaching or perhaps a less costly tapping group or course, or you may be wondering in what way EFT could help with the particular changes you want to make or the focus you want to achieve. 

Whatever it is we are always happy to discuss with you; you will not be a burden on our time with your questions; we just love sharing the wonders of EFT with people, so just phone and chat or, if you prefer to also see who you are talking to, book a Zoom call .  If we happen not to have the time available to do your enquiry justice when you phone, we will arrange to call you back.  If you get our voicemail, please either leave a message or email us and we will get back to you.

Why Coaching needs to include EFT – Understanding the Origins of your Blocks

Here is a practical example, typical of a client wanting to improve performance, efficiency, focus in their work. This client, a counsellor, not familiar with and just becoming acquainted with EFT tapping, worked with EFT Associate Paul Lynch. Here is their account:

“I asked Paul for a brief session on something that I knew was an issue for me: Worries around ‘time’ and how lack of time can panic me and trigger anxiety.”

“For some reason I felt it related to a time when I was young and tried to think of times when I had severe anxiety about not having time: Eventually, after much thought, I linked it to a time when I was 11 years old and was left in a severe state of panic about being late for my 11+ exams. The circumstances around why I was nearly late all that week were traumatic for me and also, I had a feeling of deep sadness around being let down by my caregiver (not their intention, just not understanding the impact). At aged 11 I didn’t have the voice to say, “this is not ok for me” and so I had wondered if I have been stuck with panic ever since when I sense I have a lack of time in my work life and personal life. As an adult it unconsciously created an emotional response which was out of proportion to actual situations, if that makes sense.”

“Anyway, I had 30 minutes with Paul. He listened and asked me to tap the meridian points as I spoke about this time in my life. He paid careful attention to my emotions and body language as I spoke and when I spoke about what I considered the trigger, my distress heightened, and I became emotional. He noticed this and asked me to rate the emotion out of 10, it was 10 and then we tapped, and I spoke again. He noticed my eye movements ie: when I answered depending on where my eyes were looking, he knew if it was a memory or a deep thought etc.. then asked me to rate again after tapping and talking. The emotions were linked to feelings of being let down when I felt I should have been loved and listened to and supported. Well to my utter surprise the talking and tapping reduced and reduced the emotion around this event to 0/10 and the feeling of panic also reduced subsequently. That was about 3 weeks ago and since then I have not experienced the extreme panic when I am running out of time to complete things I deem important – at home, but particularly in work. In fact, my narrative to self has been, much more, “its ok, you know you have tried your best”. “

“More importantly it has helped me understand EFT and how it works and so I have been able to explain it without hesitation to others, I obviously don’t share the details but just the process of tapping whilst sharing emotional memories. So, I wanted to share with you and say thank you to Paul for easing me out of something so deep rooted that I have never fully been able to pinpoint what it was. I just thought, it is me, just the way I am programmed. However, it seems not.”

“I can’t speak on Paul’s behalf about whether he could do this for everyone (although it seems possible that he could), but honestly if you struggle to explain EFT to people, I hope this example helps you understand a little about the process of it.”

“I still cannot tell you how it works or why but in my experience it does.”

What to expect once you get started

An EFT coaching session is your opportunity to have the undivided attention of an experienced practitioner and trainer to demonstrate and teach the applications of EFT to you and to facilitate your experience of the benefits of EFT.

  • Expect to be listened to unconditionally and respected.
  • Expect to meet with someone who knows you yourself hold the answers to all/any of your challenges somewhere inside you, and helps you to find where.
  • Expect all your feelings, including those such as shame, guilt, inadequacy, to be gently accepted without judgement and EFT solutions found to help you dispel any uncomfortable feelings.
  • Expect support to get to the origins of your unwanted habits and unhelpful beliefs or fears so that you can tap the related emotions out of the way.
  • Expect to find new insights and perspectives.
  • Expect to feel lighter, more relaxed.
  • Expect even after your very first session to have a new emotional first-aid tool you can use for the rest of your life.
  • Expect to find out how to relieve emotional burdens you may be carrying from past experiences or your early learnings about the way the world works.
  • Expect to feel more accepting of yourself just as you are, as you more confidently find your way through this one wild, precious, wonderful life.

Be ready to feel free of unwanted negative emotions that may have been holding you back. Be ready to feel free of negative beliefs that may have been keeping you stuck.

EFT for self-help

If you would like to find out more about how to do EFT Tapping for self-help, either alongside your one-on-one sessions or simply to learn a self-development technique, look also at our EFT for self-help page.

Online Sessions

Coaching sessions are held almost exclusively online via Zoom. In person sessions are possible, but exceptional. In person meeting is rarely necessary; good results can be achieved from the comfort of your own home.

Working online allows us to help many more people, from the UK and further afield.

Why work with an experienced Accredited Practitioner?

An EFT or ‘Tapping’ session is something of a combination of instruction, coaching and therapy. The basic EFT technique is extremely simple and safe, and a great self-help tool. You can teach yourself from manual, book or video, learn at a one-to-one session with a practitioner, or attend a workshop.

At it’s most basic even newcomers can occasionally get spectacular results when they learn the technique and experiment on themselves. However, there is more to EFT than knowing the tapping points and how to construct simple affirmations. There are many refinements and application skills, which an expert (Level 3 Advanced or Master) EFT Practitioner will have spent much time acquiring through both study and practical experience. Such practitioners provide the best introduction to EFT either at a one-to-one session, tapping group or workshop.

5 Reasons for working 1:1 with a practitioner

Here are some reasons for engaging with a practitioner to facilitate your use of EFT.

  • The user’s ability to tune into the problem is the most important factor for success. One skill of the EFT practitioner is in asking questions that help the client focus, reflect and tune in to specifics. This helps the client find core emotional issues or unhelpful beliefs, of which they may have been unaware. The practitioner then guides the client in separating out all the relevant aspects, helping them tune in to each and apply the type of tapping techniques that can be deeply transformative. Extensive practitioner training and practical experience is essential for this.
  • An experienced practitioner, working from an outsider perspective, can help you get insights that you might not reach so easily by yourself. It is very healing when someone else sees the beauty and potential in you that you cannot see from where you are. Commonly, the thing that is holding symptoms or an unhelpful behaviour pattern or belief to you is “implicit” learning from an earlier experience. Such implicit learnings may seem to you to be part of your personal truth; you are blind to them and unable to question them. Your practitioner will help you with this.
  • Combining the energy and intention of two people that are sharing a single purpose (practitioner and client) has a more powerful effect. Sometimes just the fact that another person is tapping with you can make a big difference. (This effect is heightened in our “Power of 8” Tapping Groups)
  • You might just have had enough of tackling change on your own and want someone who is able to help and support you to recover your own strength and motivation
  • In cases of overwhelming emotions like severe trauma and abuse, it is advisable to work with an experienced EFT practitioner who can use gentle approaching and containing techniques as well as other skills, be available to reassure, keep you safe and hold a space in which you can process and transform all that you need. Experienced Advanced Level practitioners have many additional techniques to help with such issues.

Please be aware that standards of understanding, experience and facilitation of EFT vary widely.  EFT International has been formed with the aim of maintaining and promoting standards of excellence in EFT.  The website is a great resource for finding both excellent practitioners and training workshops in many places across the globe.

Our Practitioners

Meet our EFT Devon Practitioners who are looking forward to working with you

Jacqui Footman

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How many sessions will I need?

The number of EFT sessions you will need varies according to individual, personal challenge and goals. It is impossible to predict and we work flexibly to suit your individual needs. You can use any combination you like of doing EFT with your practitioner and applying EFT to yourself.

Occasionally clients can achieve a major shift in one session; some take their learning from the first session and continue by developing their own use of EFT as a self-help technique, but as a general rule our recommendation is to attend a minimum of 3 and maybe up to 6 sessions as a first base for moving forward on any significant issue. Some clients prefer 10 sessions or choose a regular top-up over a longer period. For a piece of significantly transformational coaching, you are encouraged to think in terms of 10 sessions spaced at regular and frequent intervals (no less than once per fortnight). Sessions can be spread over any time scale. Arrangements are made entirely to suit the needs of the individual(s) concerned.

You can choose the length of your session.  We usually recommend at least a full hour for a first session and most people choose regular one-hour coaching sessions but you can have anything up to a full day and later, you might just want top-ups as short as half an hour, perhaps by phone.

EFT is to be a highly cost effective coaching. This is because a lot of progress is usually made in each session, often quite quickly, through an emphasis on finding the past events at the origin of the problem, then removing their emotional charge, meaning you pay less by needing less sessions. Also, at EFT Devon, we always work on the basis of empowering clients, teaching them to use the techniques for self-help alongside their practitioner sessions. This speeds up and improves results.

VIP Pamper Day or Half-Day

It is possible to allocate any amount of time to EFT, either one-to-one or as a couple or group. You may like to book a VIP day – a day especially for you giving you space to explore aspects of what is good about your life and what you would like to change for the better and start to effect that change using EFT, NLP, Eden Energy Medicine and other tools for health and well-being, including nutritional advice and gut health coaching. A half day or full day could be booked individually, by one or two people together or by a group of up to four people.

If the combination you would like is not mentioned here, please ask, as a good deal of flexibility is possible.


Single EFT session (60-75 mins) £90
EFT Session when three or more sessions are booked £80
Sessions at evening or weekend times add +£10
Half hour EFT session£45
EFT Session Under 16s (30-60 mins) £45
Half day (approx 3 hours)£225
Full day (approximately 6 hours)£450
Executive coaching or coaching to meet organisationpoa

Money-back Guarantee

Such is our confidence in EFT that we offer a money-back guarantee on the first session. If you at the end of the session feel that EFT holds absolutely no benefit for you, we will not charge for the session.

We do this because EFT will seem very new and unusual to those with no prior experience of Energy Psychology and you may be hesitant to make a financial commitment, worried whether you will be wasting your money.

With our first session money-back guarantee you can try out a session safe in the knowledge that if at the end of the session you were to feel that you wouldn’t be able to benefit in any way from EFT you need not pay.

So why not give it a try? You have nothing to lose! (and much to gain!)

Lower Cost Options

At EFT Devon, we want to make EFT Coaching accessible to all. Of course the best support is provided by 1:1 sessions with your own practitioner, but there are advantages to doing EFT in a group, such as the sense of community support and combined intention. If you need a lower-cost option, try a free Zoom Self-help Tapping Basics Tap-along Group, an Online interactive EFT Tapping Essentials Introductory Workshop, a specific Tapping Group, or contact me to discuss the limited number of sessions I set aside available for those in desperate need of but unable to afford EFT sessions due to severe financial limitation.

Additional Resources – Maximise your investment

Whilst it is always preferable to learn from a knowledgeable instructor, it would be contrary to the spirit of EFT not to mention the many resources that are available at low-cost or even free, enabling anyone to teach themselves the basics of EFT. We would consider it worthwhile to do an introductory EFT workshop and some serious study of any of the good books or manuals available or of Gary Craig’s training video material in order to get the best possible effects from self application – including from your own work in between sessions.

EFT’s founder, Gary Craig, in 1995 set out to share EFT freely with the world, utilising the emergent medium of the Internet.  His website, hosts a free tutorial, which hundreds of thousands of people have used to get started with EFT.  You can also download a free beginners’ manual from the EFT Charity, EFT International

If you prefer to learn EFT from a book, we would recommend any of these:

  • Judy Byrne:  A Practical Guide to EFT (inexpensive and pocket-size)
  • David Feinstein, Donna Eden & Gary Craig:  The Healing Power of EFT and Energy Psychology, Piatkus, 2006
  • Paul Lynch: Emotional healing in minutes: simple acupressure techniques for your emotions:  Thorsons, 2001
  • Gabrielle Rutten and Gary Craig: Official EFT from A to Z, Zion, 2023