Advanced Practitioner Training

If you have completed an EFT Level 2 course and are looking for further training, to Advanced Practitioner level, this is where you will find the information you need.

Advanced Course Requirements

When can I do an Advanced EFT Level 3 course?

  • You need to have completed an EFT Level 2 course
  • You need to have facilitated EFT with clients for a period of at least 6 months since your Level 2 course (unless you were very experienced in EFT prior to Level 2 training, just without earlier formal training)
  • You are ready to take your Art of Delivery to the next level
  • You are a reflective practitioner, committed to ongoing learning and improvement
  • You would like to continue to progress towards EFT International Accredited Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner registration
  • You may already have completed a Level 3 course with another trainer and already be an Accredited Advanced Practitioner.  At advanced level the course content can vary significantly in the way in which we expand upon the basics so it is a useful continued professional development experience to repeat Level 3 workshops with different trainers.
  • You took your original Level 3 Course prior to 2022 (EFT International launched a completely new and much more detailed syllabus in 2021). I this case, it would be advisable to take the current Level 3 as a refresher and for CPD purposes.
  • You would just love another fun, information-filled EFT learning and professional development experience filled with Aha-moments.


All tuition is now online via live Zoom and will stay that way; it simply works so well, better than in person for this purpose.

Meeting times are arranged to accomodate international participants in differing time zones.

Why EFT International-Accredited?

There are numerous EFT training resources and organisations around, online and otherwise.  EFT International is recognised by and serves the public under the scrutiny of the UK Charity Commission, Registered Charity Number 1176538.

  • EFT International is committed to advancing and upholding the highest standards for education, training, professional development and promotion of the skilful, creative and ethical application of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques or “Tapping”) worldwide
  • EFT International Training is focussed on Classical EFT, as first developed and used by Gary Craig, EFT Founder, in 1990s, also incorporating Gary Craig’s more recent amendments (Gold Standard EFT)
  • EFT International insists on live interactive training including multiple supervised paired practice opportunities), continued professional development and regular mentoring for existing accredited practitioners, also examination and supervised case study work prior to accreditation.  Members of the public can feel secure in this knowledge when choosing an EFTi-accredited EFT Practitioner
  • EFT International’s Training Board draws on a very wide range of expertise from numerous experts in the field of EFT including specialist authors and Gary Craig’s EFT Founding Masters to create a top class syllabus and competence criteria used by all EFTi Master Trainers.

Jacqui has been a long-standing EFTi volunteer, involved in informal preliminary work from 2005, Treasurer 2009-14, Chair of Executive Board 2014 – 2022.

What can I expect from a Level 3 Course with Jacqui?

Above all, in order to learn anything you need to feel comfortable and supported – any fear or anxiety will stimulate a sympathetic nervous system response (think fight/flight), which impairs the function of the frontal lobes, the cognitive part of the brain where clear thinking and learning take place. So number one priority for me as your trainer is to ensure a learning environment where you feel safe, supported and confident. Throughout the course I aim to include humour, lightness, honest non-judgemental acceptance, safety and fun. I specialise in training only with small groups that enable everyone to feel safe and comfortable participating.

Beyond this one, over-arching principle of gentleness and compassion in practice, you can also expect:

  • More than the stipulated minimum of 18 hours interactive live tuition (via Zoom, 7 x 3hr sessions, spread over 7 weeks)
  • a small, friendly, supportive group (up to 8 people)
  • Practical, active, laid-back, fun learning with personalised tuition, backed up with comprehensive handouts, course notes and theoretical explanation.
  • Instruction in advanced EFT as defined in the new 2021 EFT International Level 3 Syllabus
  • Expert tuition from an experienced EFTi trainer and lifelong educator delivering a rich and supportive learning experience, full of possibility. You will be carefully supported throughout your EFT learning journey.
  • Continued opportunities to experience the effects of EFT on your own issues
  • Live demonstration of EFT
  • An amount of supervised practical experience that will solidly build your confidence as EFT Practitioner
  • Opportunities to explore using EFT much more creatively
  • Well over 50 per cent of course time spent on live demonstration, practice and discussion
  • Plenty of opportunity to get your questions answered
  • Full course materials (180-page manual)
  • EFT Level 3 Attendance Certificate
  • Advanced Practitioner Certificate recognised by EFT International and Accreditation Certificate from EFTi (subject to completion of case studies and practice sessions log, 12 hours’ group/individual supervision/mentoring, passing EFTi online exam and joining EFTi at Advanced Practitioner Level)
  • Continued guidance and mentoring on developing a practice as EFT Practitioner

Course Content

  • Review of and where to build on Level 2 skills, knowledge and techniques
  • Review of variations on standard techniques
  • How to use foundational EFT techniques expertly, nuanced and creatively
  • Using, developing and integrating intuition, connecting at a deeper level with clients, refining rapport building and questioning skills
  • EFT with the inner child and releasing deep stuck emotions to facilitate healing
  • EFT work with parts
  • Working sensitively with reversals
  • Getting to core issues (advanced)
  • Identifying and overcoming blind spots and unconscious beliefs that keep us stuck
  • Paying attention to inner experience, using metaphor
  • EFT as a trauma-informed approach; helping trauma clients
  • Reframing, the Choices Method: the power and appropriate use of choices and reframes and application of tapping within Law of Attraction principles
  • Self-care and emotional resilience; preventing practitioner burnout, dealing with transference, counter-transference and guarding against attachment to outcome
  • Understanding the diagnostic criteria used for common mental health conditions and working collaboratively with other health professionals
  • Emotional Intelligence, how EFT helps raise EQ and why this is important
  • Working with children and families, including working with tappy bears and working surrogately
  • Complexities of working with serious or long-term physical and emotional conditions
  • Working reflectively, as a professional, including consideration of legal and ethical considerations

Progression to EFT International Certified Accredited Advanced Practitioner

Having completed the 7 x 3 hours of live online workshops, you will enjoy continued support on your EFT journey toward accreditation at Advanced Practitioner level with EFT International.  The post course certification programme requires additionally

  • one-hour online group mentoring meetings (£17.50) x6 minimum
  • 1:1 mentoring hours (£70 per hour)  x6 minimum
  • assessment of case study work, with feedback (charged at hourly 1:1 mentoring rate) and completed within 1:1 mentoring time
  • ongoing guidance setting up and building your EFT-based Practice

In order to support your completion of the EFT International Advanced Practitioner certification the following requirements are mandatory:

  • a minimum of 4 case studies, one of which a session recording, one of which a personal case study
  • minimum of 12 hours Level 3 mentoring, of which at least 6 hours 1:1
  • completion of EFTi online advanced practitioner (Level 3) exam  (£20 from, for which membership of EFTi (£25 student or £45 practitioner) is prerequisite
  • it is anticpated that throughout the completion of the course and your case studies and mentoring time, you will complete at least 50 sessions of client work incorporating the new techniques learned and using both foundational and advanced EFT in nuanced and creative ways and you keep a list of these sessions within your course and certification portfolio.


For this comprehensive, in-depth 21-hour (7-session) interactive content offer, featuring significant amounts of guided or supervised practical training, including one additional mentoring group, your investment is £527

Special Offers

  • Early Bird £497 (available until 29 February for April course)
  • Bring a friend! Price £499 each when you book together with someone else (£477 joint Early Birds)
  • Repeat and Refresh
    Subject to available space, those who have already completed a L3 course with any EFTi Trainer but would like to repeat to refresh their knowledge and skills may do so at HALF the normal course fee (£265 Early Bird £250) and those who have previously completed a Level 3 course with me can repeat for £150 and benefit from the extensive practical content and paired practice.

Note: This course will be taught to the new, updated EFT International Level 3 Syllabus for 2021
The old Level 3 syllabus mandated only 12 hrs interactive person to person tuition and practice. This new course provides a minimum of 21 hours of live interactive tuition and practice. 

When comparing prices of Level 3 courses, please check you are comparing new syllabus with new syllabus, not new with old, also the depth of reference materials provided.  Some Trainers may still be offering an older 12-hour Level 3 program.

Deposit: £97 transferable (but non-refundable) is required to book your place on the Level 3 7 x 3hr workshop. Balance is due 2 weeks before the course. Please ask about instalment payment arrangements if this will help.

Certification Mentoring

You pay for individual elements of the program separately as you work through. The exam fee of £20 and student level membership fee of £25 (or practitioner level membership fee of £45) is paid to EFT International directly. Mentoring is available at my advertised rates; for details please see here.


April / May 2024 Course:
April 13, 20, 27, May 11, 18, 25, June 1
Saturday mornings
9.00 am – 12.30 pm

April/May is now FULLY BOOKED
Please book for September/October

September / October 2024 Course:
September 13, 20, 27, October 4, 11, 18, November 8
Friday evenings
5.00 – 8.30 pm

Please book early to avoid disappointment – the maximum group size is 8 (or sometimes 10-12, if repeater places are taken up)

For North American Participants the UK evening (5 – 8.30 pm) courses will take place mornings or afternoons
Eastern time:  12 – 3.30 pm
Pacific time:  9.00 am  – 12.30 pm

Book a call
with Jacqui to discuss your training needs.

If these dates don’t suit, you would like a course on a specific date, and if you are part of a small group of friends or work colleagues, please do get in touch about a bespoke course just for you.  Contact Jacqui for further information or discussion or to reserve your place.

Jacqui Footman is an EFTi-approved Master Trainer of Trainers, Advanced Practitioner and for many years an EFTi volunteer, involved in informal preliminary work for AAMET (EFTi’s predecessor organisation) from 2005, Treasurer 2009-14, Chair of Executive Board 2014 – 2022, with comprehensive knowledge of history of and developments in EFT over this period (2005 – present).