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Welcome, and thank you for your interest.

Hello, welcome! I’m Jacqui Footman, founder of EFT Devon, provider of top quality in-depth, live, practical EFT Training, initially for the South West of England, but now via Zoom worldwide.

I’d like to introduce you to my EFT Devon Associates, advanced practitioners/mentors/trainers with whom it has been my absolute honour to work and be acquainted within the EFT community over the years. However, first a little about EFT Devon and then about me.

About EFT Devon

EFT Devon is the business name I chose once my training business started to take off. Prior to that my website was www.free2Bme.co.uk (because being free to feel comfortable as yourself is what I felt to be the greatest benefit of learning and doing EFT).

At that time EFT Levels 1&2 training was required to be in person four days intensive and EFT Devon predominantly served the geographical area of Devon and south-west England. Although since the pandemic all EFT Devon training is via Zoom (a silver lining of the pandemic cloud), I decided to keep the brand name – even if I do sometimes get slightly confused trainees from across the Atlantic asking what “Devon” is 😅

Jacqui at Tarr Steps, Devon
Jacqui at Tarr Steps, Devon/Somerset

About Jacqui Footman

I’m a mum, and so proud of the beautiful and intelligent daughter I managed to raise alone (with support from some wonderful friends). I’m also now mum to a cat or two and grandmum to 2 more, all sharing our house. And amazingly, after all those years as a lone parent, I was lucky recently to happen to find a new life partner 😁.

I am blessed to live in the friendly small town of South Molton, nestled at the southern edge of Exmoor and 40 minutes’ drive from the glorious North Devon coastline. I volunteer there as a public servant – Town Councillor, since winning a by-election in 2018. Completing a long period of extensive volunteering for AAMET then EFTi (2005-2022), has now left me with time free at last to stand for election as Mayor of South Molton and I was elected in May 2023.

During my term as Mayor, I hope to bring the same values of compassion, kindness, collaboration and community that underpinned the growth of EFT International (EFTi) as the accrediting body for EFT whilst I served EFTi as Chair (2014-2022).

I served South Molton ME/CFS Support Group between 2005-2010 as Information Officer, during which time I represented South West Association for ME both on the steering group for the formation of new NHS specialist services for ME/CFS in Devon and for stakeholder responses to NICE. This prepared me well for leading the stakeholder response to NICE on behalf of the EFT community, which led in 2018 to the NICE recommendation for further research into EFT for PTSD, within its 2017/18 PTSD guideline review process. You can read about this here.

My original training was in business (Fleet Street 1980s) and then as a modern languages teacher. I am a teacher through and through. I love finding out about new stuff and I love sharing it with others. I feel like I will go on doing that for ever, but EFT was the best new thing I ever encountered and I made sharing it my life’s passion. So I’m very lucky to be able to say I adore my work.

Along the way, I have studied languages, NLP, Matrix Re-imprinting, CBT, Trauma work, EMDR, Eden Energy Medicine (to certified practitioner level), Naturopathic Nutrition, Ask and Receive, Emotrance, WHEE and Reiki. I integrate many of these learnings into my work with clients and my trainings, but my number one offering remains EFT and always will do.

I was fortunate to be able to attend training in EFT for serious illnesses with EFT founder Gary Craig himself, the only time he came to UK in 2005, then in the period 2007-2012 to attend EFT Masterclasses led by EFT Founding Masters such as Judy Byrne, Gwyneth Moss, Carol Look, Emma Roberts and Sue Beer and Tanya Prince. At the time, Carol Look regularly presented in London and I picked up many useful techniques for client and group work from her. A group of us met with Dawson Church in 2010 to consider worldwide standards for EFT, with our team at AAMET (later EFTi) eventually taking the lead on this.

I would be honoured and delighted to meet you and work with you click here to set up an initial chat.

About Paul Lynch

EFT Founding Master Paul Lynch began his EFT career in 1998. His previous training was in counselling, hypnotherapy and NLP.

In 1999 he was an Executive Director of the Association of Meridian Therapies (AMT) until commissioned by Harper Collins to write Emotional Healing in Minutes. Several live national TV appearances; a documentary and numerous articles in the national press helped the book become an international best seller.

Paul was also a contributing author of EFT and Beyond. He wrote about his innovation The Colour of Pain, a 5-question technique he devised for getting to the emotional roots of somatic disorders.

Paul began specializing in Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD) in 2008 and this continues to be where his passion lies. In 2017 Paul moved from Eastbourne to Tiverton in Devon with his wife Janet. Paul is listed as an Accredited Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner on the EFT International website. 

In April 2022 Paul was commissioned by the Staying Well Service of the NHS to treat front line staff members suffering from the debilitating effects of Complex PTSD, anxiety and depression. Due to the data collections showing EFT’s effectiveness, Paul was subsequently employed in July 2023 on a year’s pilot to continue his work. EFT is already having a huge positive impact.

About Pat Ballantyne

Pat holds a BPsych and is an Accredited Advanced Practitioner and Mentor with EFTi. After working full time in the NHS as a Primary Care Mental Health Worker, for 16years, she recently took flexible retirement and now works part time allowing her some time to do private work. In her work with the NHS, clients typically self refer after advice from medical professionals such as a GPs. She primarily works with clients who present with issues relating to anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress, panic, phobias, anger, chronic pain, obsessive compulsive disorder, low self-esteem, and chronic fatigue (ME/CFS).

Pat learned EFT in 1999 when she trained in Australia with Steve Wells and Dr David Lake. She started using EFT in her work as a counsellor in outback Australia. She returned to the UK in 2003 and got a position with the NHS in 2004, using EFT as her primary therapy. Pat formalised her training with Gwyneth Moss and has followed the research and articles relating to EFT ever since.

She is passionate about EFT and its potential and is certain that in the future it will be the main therapy used in mental health and will also be the principal method of managing many serious health issues.  Pat joined the EFT International Research Team to ensure this happens. After being Director of the EFT International Research Team and organising 5 Scientific Symposia over 8 years Pat remains a volunteer member of the EFT International Research Team.

Why we work via Zoom

Training via Zoom

EFT International-accredited training pre-pandemic was available only in person and my training events used to take place in South Molton, North Devon, “Gateway to Exmoor”, at my office as a 4-day intensive course.  However the pandemic led to EFT International agreeing guidelines for online training and EFTi Trainers began to try out this medium.

We were delighted to find that it not only worked, but worked BETTER than in-person training.  We can still interact fully, including in small practice groups, by using breakout rooms in Zoom. Trainees can still bond and develop supportive relationships, PLUS there are no travel and accommodation costs; all you need is a private space and a laptop and you can join from the comfort of your own home. This also means there is no need to concentrate everything into 4 days.

Using the 3 hours per week 8-week format, or even 3 hours twice per week for 4 weeks, trainees have plenty of time to reinforce their learning in between sessions and hence end up finishing the course much more confident, much more knowledgeable and skillful, and much more likely to complete the post course certification and accreditation process and to become EFTi-accredited Practitioners.

We also get a lovely mix of trainees from right across the world. I love that the pandemic cloud had this silver lining and I’m now able to run many more training courses than before and enjoy my teaching so much in such a relaxed way.  I welcome you too to experience this.

Tapping Groups via Zoom

In a similar way, Zoom enables a wonderful mix of people from all parts of the world to participate in Tapping Groups, understanding each other’s challenges and supporting each other, making the world smaller and raising its vibration one tap at a time.

Working 1:1 via Zoom

It is so much more convenient for clients not to need to travel for their sessions, particularly in view of the long distances between places in Devon. It also enables us to work 1:1 with you wherever you are in the world, as long as you have reliable Internet access. Before the days of teleconferencing, we did EFT on the phone and that worked very well too. Zoom makes it that much easier, enabling us to see each other as if we were opposite each other in the same room, whilst all the time you are feeling safe in the comfort of your own home. And, time and again, we find that the EFT works just as well whether we work in person with a client or via Zoom.