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Emotional Freedom Techniques

Jacqui Footman

EFT Health Coach

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Working with me

(see also "What to expect")

Most EFT sessions at my office last approximately 75-90 minutes and cost £80.

Telephone, Skype or Zoom EFT sessions are usually for approximately one hour and cost £65.

A half-hour telephone or Skype session costs £35.

EFT sessions for children are usually for approximately one hour and cost £35.

You can book three 75-90-minute sessions for the discount rate of £225 or three one hour sessions for £180.

If you need a lower-cost option, try a Tapping Group or contact me to discuss the limited number of sessions I have available for financial hardship.

VIP Pamper Day or Half-Day

It is possible to allocate any amount of time to EFT, either one-to-one or as a couple or group.  You may like to book a VIP day - a day especially for you giving you space to explore aspects of what is good about your life and what you would like to change for the better and start to effect that change using EFT, NLP, Eden Energy Medicine and other tools for health and well-being, including nutritional advice and gut health coaching. A half day could be booked by one or two people together or by a group of up to four people.

A half day (approximately 3 - 3.5 hours) costs £200.
A full day costs (7 hours) costs £380

If the combination you would like is not mentioned here, please ask as a good deal of flexibility is possible.

How many sessions?

The number of EFT sessions you will need varies according to individual, personal challenge and goals.  It is impossible to predict and we work flexibly to suit your individual needs.  You can use any combination you like of doing EFT with me and applying EFT to yourself.  Occasionally clients can achieve a major shift in one session; some take their learning from the first session and continue by developing their own use of EFT as a self-help technique, but as a general rule my recommendation is to attend a minimum of 3 and maybe up to 6 sessions as a basis for moving forward on any significant issue. Some clients prefer 10 sessions or choose a regular top-up over a longer period.

Additional resources - maximise your investment

I would consider it worthwhile to do an introductory EFT workshop  and some serious study of any of the good books or manuals available (free EFT beginners' manual) or of Gary Craig's training video material in order to get the best possible effects from self application - including from your own work in between sessions.  Sessions can be spread over any time scale.  Arrangements are made entirely to suit the needs of the individual(s) concerned.

Important Reminder: EFT should not be used in place of conventional medical care. Always consult your GP for medical attention and advice. Clients have found EFT useful as a complement to any conventional medical treatment. The information provided on this website is educational in nature, provided as general information and not intended to treat any medical condition.

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