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Help with Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic

image: coronavirus across the globeThe extreme measures to manage the Corona pandemic as well as fears and worries about the virus itself have the potential to trigger a variety of difficult emotions, stress and anxiety, also to affect sleep, all of which in turn could deplete the immune system down the line.

Participation in a Tapping Group to clear some of the anxiety, overwhelm, stress, grief or other negative emotion would be a perfect antidote, so much so that I want to make this accessible for all in the community to benefit. Group (rather than 1:1) sessions are more affordable anyway, but if your income has become limited and even the group rate is unaffordable, please get in touch! - I am offering some places within  tapping groups and EFT Essentials introductory workshops where you pay only as much as you can afford, even if that means you attend for free.

If you would like to learn and practice EFT-Tapping online for self-help in this way, email me or phone to discuss your specific needs on 01769 572207, or scroll down to book your place below in the next general tapping group, where we together will create a caring, healing micro-community.

A regular tapping group

An affordable way for you to have a personal tapping experience with an EFT practitioner and steadily achieve relief from your bothersome symptoms, negative emotions or unhelpful belief systems.  Tapping groups or workshops are a great way to give yourself a regular slot of tapping time in a friendly, supportive social environment without the expense of 1:1 sessions.  Groups are via Zoom online.  To join and benefit from a group experience you would need to commit to 5 sessions.

I work with groups of 4-6 people via Zoom.  The group members support each other and agree to maintain absolute confidentiality. A group meets weekly at the same time for 5 weeks. Before joining a group, you need to know the basics of tapping for self-help. You can learn the basics by participating in one of my online Interactive EFT Tapping Essentials workshops or possibly a free Self-Help Tapping Basics Tap-along group combined with some background reading. Thus I can lead the tapping on a "borrowing benefits" basis rather than as a whole group tap-along.  This means that within a session or across a couple of sessions each group member has some individual time tapping directly with me on their issue whilst others in the group tap along with us (as you may have seen in videos of EFT/Tapping workshops).  This utilises the characteristic known in EFT terminology as "borrowing benefits", whereby once you have tuned in to an issue of your own, you derive benefit for that issue from tapping - even if you tap along about another, even completely unrelated issue that someone else is tapping about.

Anecdotally, tapping in groups has been noted at times to have even better results than tapping 1:1, because of the combined supportive intentions of the whole group.

Zoom group EFT/Tapping sessions are for approximately 75 minutes of tapping.  We allow up to 90 minutes in case of the odd technological hitch and to include time for general introductory conversation and questions.

Your investment for:-

3 x £30 installments (£90) payable by standing order
£87 Discounted for immediate payment by standing order or Paypal

for dates of upcoming themed tapping groups

Freedom from Seasonal Stress

New Year, New You


Or please contact me to book a private group.  If you have three or four interested friends or colleagues that is perfect.

Previous Groups / Special Focus groups

Special focus tapping group in Lynton at Lyn Health Centre
In collaboration with the Health Centre, I have previously run a 6-session module focussing on weight management and incorporating an introductory tapping workshop.  This group also was run on a borrowing benefits basis - read more here.

Other special focus groups

Those comprising a group may choose a general tapping theme and bring any issue to the group or choose a special focus.  Here are some examples of a possible special focus:

Ideal You - This group will tend to have a main focus on weight management, but those simply wishing to reduce stress and clear some emotional burdens from the past can also attend and benefit.  Named "The Ideal You" coaching group, that is exactly what we intend to do - provide the tools and supportive space for you to become your best you, in every way, whether you are dealing with physical or emotional health challenges, procrastination, self-sabotage, limits to performance or unhelpful thoughts and beliefs.
Living with Autism (High-functioning) - for those dealing with autism both as carers and individuals with this diagnosis
Managing Life-style Adjustment - for those with long-term conditions or new diagnoses who need to make adjustments
Business Success - ideal for sole traders, those starting out, new therapists, what are the limiting beliefs and feelings, eg around money or self confidence that get in the way? We explore these and tap them out of our way
Support for Parent Carers - we can tap away the frustrations, we can grow our confidence in dealing with the challenges, whatever feelings get in the way we can minimise them with tapping.
Managing Anger positively - Anger can occur when we feel like we are being attacked.  Naturally we want to keep ourselves safe.  How can we experience anger more positively, in proportion, prevent and release it?  Group members will devise tools and address underlying feelings and difficult memories.

There are many more possibilities.  What are your challenges?  Wouldn't it be great to link up with others who share similar challenges and reduce the challenges supportively together?

Important Reminder: EFT should not be used in place of conventional medical care. Always consult your GP for medical attention and advice. Clients have found EFT useful as a complement to any conventional medical treatment. The information provided on this website is educational in nature, provided as general information and not intended to treat any medical condition.

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