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What to expect

by Jacqui Footman
3 minutes
What to expect

Your practitioner will always be understanding. Your emotions, worries or fears are accepted just as they are, however annoying or illogical they may seem to you. You will be helped gently to tap them away, possibly for good, in a way that minimises and clears the emotional pain usually associated with re-visiting upsetting memories or issues. Your consultation is entirely confidential, however if you do not feel comfortable talking about a particular issue, there are techniques available that provide the opportunity for you to clear your emotions or limiting beliefs without sharing the details.

An EFT session is your opportunity to have the undivided attention of an experienced practitioner and trainer to demonstrate and teach the applications of EFT to you and to facilitate your experience of the benefits of EFT.

  • Expect to be listened to.
  • Expect your feelings to be gently accepted without judgement.
  • Expect support to find positive resolutions to the challenges you face.
  • Expect to find new insights and perspectives.
  • Expect to feel lighter, more relaxed.
  • Expect even after your very first session to have a new emotional first-aid tool you can use for the rest of your life.
  • Expect to feel more accepting of yourself just as you are, as you more confidently find your way through this wild, precious, wonderful life.
  • Expect to explore new potentials for achieving what you want with your life.

Be ready to let go of unwanted negative emotions that may have been causing you difficulty, physical symptoms even.

Be ready to let go of beliefs or learnings that may have seemed helpful once but are no longer serving you.

It is a good idea to drink plenty of water before and during your session and to allow time to take things easy for a while afterwards.

An EFT session in person usually lasts in the region of 75-90 minutes, but depends on the individual and the need to finish at an appropriate point. Telephone sessions last about 60 minutes and are by appointment only.  It is also possible to have longer sessions lasting anything up to a day, or, once experienced with EFT sessions, to have a shorter session.

You can call at any time during office hours Mon-Sat to discuss what you personally can gain from EFT - I look forward to hearing from you and working with you. If I can't answer the phone in person I will call you back as soon as I can.