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How EFT started

EFT was introduced in 1995 by Gary Craig, a Stanford Engineering graduate in lifelong pursuit of personal well-being.

Jacqui Footman Jacqui Footman
2 minutes

How EFT works

No-one fully knows how or why EFT works. People have just observed that it does, picked it up and used it. It is simple and safe so through experimentation and sharing uses and knowledge of EFT have grown.

Jacqui Footman Jacqui Footman
4 minutes

Links and more info.

Links and further useful EFT information.

Jacqui Footman Jacqui Footman
3 minutes

The EFT procedure

A brief basic description of the EFT / Tapping procedure is given here in the interests of information sharing and education. This brief instruction may be of use as some kind of emotional first aid only.

Jacqui Footman Jacqui Footman
9 minutes

Ways to try EFT

You may be wondering what would suit you best: one-to-one or tapping group or course, or you may be wondering in what way EFT could help with the particular challenges you have to deal with.

Jacqui Footman Jacqui Footman
11 minutes

What to expect

Your practitioner will always be understanding. Your emotions, worries or fears are accepted just as they are, however annoying or illogical they may seem to you. You will be helped gently to tap them away.

Jacqui Footman Jacqui Footman
3 minutes