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Jacqui Footman

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EFT and Energy Psychology

Energy Psychology is the generic term for psychological techniques that involve some form of energy healing, often Tapping techniques, such as Thought Field Therapy, EFT, Tapas Acupunture Technique.

Jacqui Footman Jacqui Footman
~1 minute


NLP - where does that fit in? To find out more read this article written for Connect Magazine by Jacqui Footman: EFT and NLP - A Dynamite Combination!

Jacqui Footman Jacqui Footman
3 minutes


WHEE was created by Dr Daniel Benor MD incorporating aspects of EFT and rythmical, bilateral tapping, influenced by the bilateral eye movements of EMDR. It works similarly to EFT.

Jacqui Footman Jacqui Footman
~1 minute

EFT videos

Watch these videos for an introduction to EFT.

Jacqui Footman Jacqui Footman
~1 minute

How EFT started

EFT was introduced in 1995 by Gary Craig, a Stanford Engineering graduate in lifelong pursuit of personal well-being.

Jacqui Footman Jacqui Footman
2 minutes

How EFT works

No-one fully knows how or why EFT works. People have just observed that it does, picked it up and used it. It is simple and safe so through experimentation and sharing uses and knowledge of EFT have grown.

Jacqui Footman Jacqui Footman
4 minutes