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Deal with your Emotional Challenges

Whatever challenge you are dealing with, at the heart of it there will likely be some fear or worry, some emotional pain or behavioural programming related to upsetting current situations or past events.

Learn how we can support you using this EFT tapping technique to reduce or even neutralise the pain, get emotional freedom, feel better and enjoy life.

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Achieve your Personal Goals

What is getting in your way or stopping you from being your most amazing self? Whether it is about anything from beating addictions, excelling at work or sports, or improving the quality of your relationships, with Emotional Freedom Techniques we can help you gain clarity around any emotional blocks or limiting beliefs and clear them out of the way, so that you can achieve your greatest potential.

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Wellbeing and Resilience in the Workplace

Whether it is about emotional first aid, better relationships, effective stress management, clear thinking, reducing absenteeism, managing nerves at exam time or around public speaking, achieving peak performance, EFT is a supremely useful tool in the workplace or in schools/colleges. You can try it on anything –  Everyone’s Freedom Technique!

Jacqui Footman

I love EFT, I love teaching, I love the gentleness of EFT – the perfect combination to empower you to apply this tool to get beyond whatever is bothering you. I’ve worked with many hundreds of people over the past 20 years, with the maxim, “try it on everything”, eg stress, emotional or physical pain, in short any difficulty you are facing. With EFT, you can work safely, easily, and with amazingly positive results. My specialities have been helping people with long-term conditions, eg ME/CFS, anxiety states of all types, past traumatic events.

I have been involved in EFT for 20 years, and collaborate with many other practitioners and trainers. I’m delighted to host here a select few as EFT Devon Associate Practitioners.

We work predominantly online via Zoom and welcome clients and trainees from anywhere in the world.

“I loved attending the EFT Level 1 and 2 course with Jacqui. The knowledge, experience and enthusiasm Jacqui has is truly inspiring, and makes this course a pleasure to be a part of. I have learned so much in eight weeks and am now fortunate to have Jacqui’s continued support as I work towards accredited practitioner status.”

Joanna Perry MA, HPD, NCH (Acc), NBMP (Acc) (2023, Plymouth, UK)

Highly Recommend!!!
If you are thinking about EFT for yourself or to incorporate into your practice or to start a business, don’t hesitate any further and register for a course with Jacqui. She is wonderful and a joy to learn with. She makes you feel comfortable, meets you where you are, and is very knowledgeable.

Sabre Knaust MSN, RN, CHLC, MBP (2023, Arkansas, USA)

Accredited Practitioner Training & Certification

Online Training Leading to Accreditation with EFT International. At EFT Devon, EFTi Master Trainer of Trainers Jacqui offers both basic and advanced practitioner training.

Practitioner confidence quickly builds thanks to her combination of small group live interactive training with a strong practical element, with continuous group and individual support as trainees complete certification and accreditation requirements.

Those who have felt challenged in traditional education often flourish with Jacqui’s small group approach.

Practitioner Mentoring

Support doesn’t end with basic training and certification; that is just the beginning. You pass your driving test and then you learn to drive.

Jacqui hosts regular mentoring / supervision groups and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) events to encourage practitioners with lifelong learning and improvement, or offers 1:1 mentoring sessions, including progression to Trainer training.

Self-Help Training

From an inexpensive introductory course with ongoing support to in-depth eight-week training including some 1:1 EFT sessions, or a personal coaching programme, EFT Devon offers various options for you to start to transform your own life with EFT.

Free Tapping Group / Taster

Every other Friday afternoon, join Jacqui live online for 45 minutes for a free EFT tapping group experience. Tap away some stress to prepare for a wonderful weekend.

EFT for Schools

What better gift could we provide to empower children and young people than emotional resilience and emotional intelligence? EFT is a perfect tool they can learn to use to enhance well-being and resilience.

Jacqui, an experienced secondary teacher, can work with any school or college to introduce EFT for students and staff either in person or online via Zoom.

EFT is a wonderful tool for staff to learn and apply to combat stress and feel more at ease in their work (see also workplace wellbeing and resilience – above right)

Get in Touch

Email, phone or book online for your free initial 15-minute discussion. Find out the best way for you to experience EFT.